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As a Service Provider, know the value you are providing.   As a Customer, get the value you expect.

Servisus service operational efficiency and financial productivity.  Servisus service operations consulting.

Service  is a valuable business component that offers customer experiences as a product, and like other successful products, in return should provide financial growth and stability—as long as it consistently lives up to customers' expectations.

The long-term success of any service business heavily relies on essential fundamentals.  Service fundamentals are foundational to a service business and consist of clear internally communicated operational and financial expectations, talented and passionate people, efficient well defined and documented processes, a cross-functional environment that provides structured training with current information, and an empowering forward-thinking leadership style.

Unfortunately, service fundamentals are too often compromised by businesses because either the desired value of service is not defined and communicated causing expectations to be unclear, or they are not given the constant attention and scrutiny required to stay ahead of customers’ demands and expectations.  It is often too late when customers do not see the value of the service they receive.

Successful service minded business leaders truly understand the value of service fundamentals, and that people cross-functionally create and deliver service value.  Service consists of performances that create customer experiences.  Every day businesses are compared and differentiated by the experiences they provide to customers.  Great customer experiences translate into value that in turn results in repeat and new business.

Servisus - Service Operations Consulting

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“Customer Service is not a department, it is everyone’s job.”

SERVISUS will assess your Service, identify areas of opportunity, and work with you to implement improvements.